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This site is dedicated to raising funds for children's charities worldwide. Kids International is a co-operative group made up of a consortium of member charities; every organization that becomes a beneficiary also becomes a member of the group itself, and there are no staff members involved except for those of the consitutent charities, each of whom contributes time to the site for free. We welcome suggestions of new children's charities to add to our list. Charities that work with groups that include children - such as refugees - or that indirectly but clearly contribute to children's welfare - such as women's groups or environmental organisations - are welcome to apply for support and membership. Go to our 'add a charity' for more information.

The companies below will give us a small proportion of any purchase you make from them, as part of their affiliate advertising programmes. If you select the charity you wish to benefit, we'll pass on the payment to that charity. You can also nominate a charity to be added to the list - please use the "nominate a charity" form below, if you wish to suggest a children's charity to benefit from income to this site. If you don't select any charity, the payment will be divided between all the charities listed.

Thanks for your support!

How to use this site:

  1. Select the charity that you want to receive donations, or select 'all recipient charities' for your donation to be divided between all the charities on the list. If your favourite children's charity is not on the list, select the option below to nominate them.

  2. Choose a category, which will take you to a list of companies such as Amazon, Apple, No Sweat sweatshop-free clothes and trainers,, British Airways, BT, and many more. Simply click on the links, buy from your favorite stores, and a percentage of what you spend goes to children's charities around the world. That's it, and it costs you nothing extra!

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Don't want to shop? Make a credit card donation to the children's charity of your choice anyway:

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